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Storm Freaks
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Hi all! Help us spread the Arashi love with this community.

About Us
This community is setup by a bunch of fellow Arashians, wanting to spread the Arashi love. We will be posting several times a week here with random Arashi goodness. GIFs, screenshots, news, rumors... this place is for discussing (almost) everything and anything about the boys!

Members are welcome to share to the community too! <3

Why was this comm made?
We want a place to share and chat about Arashi, and have fun, light hearted discussions with other fans. Recently more and more fans are moving away from LJ, to twitter, tumblr etc... While those sites are nice, we still prefer LJ because it allows more interaction between fans. Hence, this community was born! We hope to make LJ and this community a lively place for Arashi fans once again.

Help us make this a reality! Invite your friends to join this community, and take part in the discussions and games!!!

Ready to join us now? Head over to our sign up page now!

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